What life throws this way

I have days, like yesterday, where I am left wondering WTF (Wonders That make me Frown?), and then wonder what the next test will be, what will Murphy toss my way next. Actually, this entire summer has been like that, and now that fall is here not a single thing has changed. I wish for one day, just one day, where everything feels normal and one thing goes right for a change.

I was hauling some hay home, and low and behold, my trailer broke in 3 places – both tongue frames broke as did one of the support members to the main frame. The trailer was not overloaded in weight, but the message was I didn’t have my weight distributed well. It broke 4 blocks from the ferry, in the old quarter Nanaimo just as we went over those nasty rail-road tracks.  I went over the tracks and was greeted by the sounds of steel on concrete.  And to boot I had $600 of hay on board.


My first thought was to get home as I was way late getting there, and to take as much hay with me as I could. Fortunately on my passenger seat were some nice fresh unopened tarps for a project at home. Tarps down, hay in SUV – they were compressed bales, so 18 bales fit. I started moving bales, and a very nice man who appeared to be a little down and out offered to help…those bales are 65-75lbs of sheer mad weight, so I gratefully accepted his generosity. Soon I was filled to capacity with the sweet smell of alfalfa bales.


Before the man left, we had a brief conversation, and I instantly felt my situation wasn’t dire. I still had a home to go to, a fire full with warmth and wood to feed it, food for my belly…and my broken trailer meant I had something to break, a vehicle to drive it and money for gas and insurance. The hay meant I had animals and money to feed them, and a farm to take it all to. I sent the man with something for his time, effort and inspiration – and he had great manners and was a good conversationalist – he was the only person besides the maintenance fella for the area who had offered to help!

Next was to head home, with a plan to come back later for the rest of the hay and the trailer, and I was at the ferry sitting in the line-up and realized this was crazy to waste all that time coming back when I could just get there and deal with it.  So off I went to a nearby autobody shop, I bought some u-bolts and steel and a wrench. I returned to the trailer, and patched it up enough to get the frame off the ground. Then I redistributed the remaining weight over the axle.  And after the patch was done, hooked up the trailer and limped back to the ferry.


We just cleared the ramp on the ferry, by millimeters, and I got the trailer and all the hay home. Those deckhand skills came in handy on this day for sure, as did that girl power and determination to just get the bloody job done and get that trailer home.

Of course the next hurdle starts tomorrow, as I am booked to take 50 birds to the abattoir. I usually take the trailer and just leave it there for the next morning…tomorrow I will have to be a little more creative now that I don’t have the trailer. But I will find a way to get-er-done.  And maybe the next day will be that normal day I keep hoping for…just one normal day?

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